20181003: You never knew where a durance rider will show up. The local guide.

20180924: Karl, Kathleen, and Richard ready for another day in Italia.

20180829: Varese, Italy. Alfonso, Larry, and Vittorio at the Brinzio fountain.

20180829: Varese, Italy hosting the 2018 World Master TIme Trial Championship.

20180809: After the team picture, Sam and Cate went north for a spin.

20180809: Team picture day. FR: Alex, Kathleen, Richard, Andy, Karl.
MR: Patty, Jay, Sam, Cate. LR: Tom, George, Tom.

20180627: Anne and Lily Brunelle on the Col des Aravis.

20180626: Anne and Lily Brunelle on the Col de la Croix Fry.

20180526: The Middlebury crew.

20180509: Katie riding in Middlebury, VT.

20180426: Jon Engen passed away today.
He was a friend, mentor, and coach.

20180408: Ste Tropez GF.

20170909: The durance crew out for the Kelly Brush Ride.
Dexter, Cate, Katie, and Henry. A fantastic day.

20170909: Richard, Henry, and Katie at the start of Kelly Brush Ride.

20170830: Hautacam.

20170828: Cirque de Troumouse climb.

20170828: Col de Tentes:

20170827: Will on the final pitch of the Col du Soulor

20170826: Cow jam on the Col d'Aspin.

20170805: Richard and Larry heading out on a ride.

20170801: the durance window. Alway interesting. Take a look.

201705626: Feldman on the Stelvio during our Lombardia training camp.

durance_window_20170801.jpg 20170529: Feldman at Le Pignié.

20170528: CROC Crew: Karl, Kathleen, Bridget, and Rick

20170527: Karl and Rick at the CROC: Century Ride of the Centuries.

20170523: Riding in Penne, France.

20170515: Will and Peter in Mallorca.

20170509: Moving day. Annual rite of Spring. Moving the shop and Mike's truck.

20160929: Luna and Kate heading towards Lake Dunmore - Middlebury, Vermont.

20160901: Feldman training on the World Master Time Trial Championship course.

20160719: Feldman in Dolomiti during second Italia Training camp.

20160709: Kris Thoreson 2nd place overall in the Minneapolis Lifetime Triathlon

20160628: Loop into Eve's Gulch.

20160618: Katie and Kelly happy to have finished Spinderella.

20160617: Ready for Spinderella.

20160611: Idaho State Time Trial Championships.
durance riders took home 3 gold medals
1. Patty Puz 70+ Women 20km 44:12.6
1. Jon Engen 55-59 Men 38km 1:05:16.5
1. Richard Feldman 45-49 Men 38km 52:20.6

20160519: Katie riding in Vermont.

20160320: Nick and Wes Holland taking a break in Utah.

20150926: New course record for Baldy Hill Climb by bike: 59:54

20150903: Feldman wins Master World Time Trial Championship!

A big thank you to my family and George Sedack.
Wins like this do not happen without a lot of support from the home team.

20150901: Nice place to work on a bike. Hobro, Denmark.

20150831: Nice profile picture of the World Master Time Trial Course, Hobro Denmark.

20150819: Ride Idaho wash day.

20150809: Reed Stoops racing in the Tour of Juneau.

25:35 for a 10mi hilly TT course. 10th overall in the stage. 1st in age group.

20150731: Passo di Gardena in the morning.

20150725-->20150801: Giro dei Dolomiti

We did a lot of climbing on this training camp.

20150725: Great ride up the Stelvio today.

20150718: Idaho State Time Trial Championships.
durance riders took home 3 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and
2 bronze medals.
1. Patty Puz 70+ Women 20km 41:15
1. Tom Campion 70-74 Men 20km 33:38
1. Richard Feldman 45-49 Men 40km 50:38
2. Amos Galpin 65-69 Men 20km 34:17
2. Charley French 75-79 Men 20km 43:23
2. Jon Engen 55-59 Men 40km 59:17
3. Rodger Miller 70-74 Men 20km 37:28
3. Kris Thoreson 55-59 Men 40km 59:38
Patty Puz starting her gold medal ride

Amos Galpin, Richard Feldman, Charley French, and Tom Campion

20150622: Beautiful ride on Sawmill Hill out Greenhorn today.

20150621: 3rd Annual Ronde Van Ketchum. Nice turn out for the Ronde.
128.5km / 1500m

20150607: John Swyers passed away today. He will be greatly
missed by local and regional riders alike.
John was a champion of the sport. He loved racing, riding,
promoting, and watching cycling.
He was a dear friend of mine, and I will miss him.

20150528: Reed Stoops showing off the new durance pink jerseys.
The time trial was in Anchorage, Alaska.

20150412: Altitude profile for the 177.2km GranFondo Golfe de Saint
Tropez. Richard won his age group and placed 3rd overall.

20140917: Reed Stoops and John Swyers ready for the Wednesday evening ride.

20140903: Master National Time Trial Champion Patty Puz.

Master Women Time Trial 75+
1. Patty Puz Ketchum, Idaho durance-Colnago
Master Men Time Trial 75-79:
2. John Swyers Ketchum, Idaho durance-Colnago
Master Men TIme Trial 55-59:
26. Kris Thoreson Sun Valley, Idaho durance-Colnago
John Swyers was second in the 75+ age group, riding the final 2km
with a flat front tire......

Kris Thoreson had a good showing despite having an off year.

20140831: A neat perspective of the World's Road Race Course: 157km.

20140827: Altitude profile for tomorrow's World Master Time Trial Championship

20140826: Richard training in Ljubljana on the time trial course.

20140825: One of the beautiful views around Ljubjlana.

20140621: First day of summer. Richard and Josh Berry on top of Galena.

20140609: Alex Feldman, 15, on the climb up to Alpe d'Huez.

20140606: An excellent day of climbing with the Col du Lautaret
and the Col du Galibier.

20140525: Richard on top of Mount Zoncolan. Italia, Colnago, Campagnolo,
SRM, Lightweights, Vittoria. Hard to beat this set up.

20140524: Coaching and training in Italy. Today we rode into Ravascletto,
over the Sella Ciampigotto. Beautiful climb with an amazing descent.

20140522: The Colnago Factory in Cambiago, Italy.

20140522: Top of the Ghisallo, above Bellagio, Italy.

20140517: The finish for La Look Grand Fondo, in Nevers, France.

20140508: Reed Stoops at the frist time trial of the year in Juneau, Alaska.

20140504: Feldman's 52km solo breakaway for victory in Emmett-Roubaix.

20140110: Swyers in Sedona showing off the new kit and excellent riding weather.

20131124: Feldman and Olenick capture SICX series. This is Michael's fourth
overall series title, and Feldman's second overall series.

Feldman and Olenick at Sandy Point CX #7.

20130920: Feldman wins World's Master Time Trial.

Feldman rolling down the start ramp.
1 FELDMAN Richard UNITED STATES 00:35:47.43
2 TORSTENSSON Viktor SWEDEN 00:36:43.38
3 THEMANN Michael SWITZERLAND 00:36:51.59
4 GAZSI David CANADA 00:37:02.89
5 STANDAL Jan Ove NORWAY 00:37:21.77
6 NIELSEN Lars Nybo DENMARK 00:37:33.55
7 DECARLI Paolo ITALY 00:37:55.47
8 GRILJ Jernej SLOVENIA 00:38:04.59
9 HAVAS Peter HUNGARY 00:38:05.84
10 CARINIO Matthew UNITED STATES 00:38:15.34
I want to thank my family, Alex Feldman, Katie Feldman, and Kelly Feldman for
their unparralled support, and Nate Galpin and his family.
My wife Kelly really should be wearing the medal.

20130919: Altitude profile for tomorrow's World Master Time Trial Championship

20130918: Training on the time trial course.

A nice place to work on a bike.

20130917: Richard on a road ride doing recon for the road race.

20130916: One of the beautiful views we get along the TT course.

20130915: Our van packed to the gills.

We arrived in Verona, with all of our luggage, and lots of rain.

20130904: Feldman and Puz National Time Trial Champions, Woods National
Road Race Champion.

Feldman and Puz

Master Women Time Trial 70+
1. Patty Puz Ketchum, Idaho durance-Colnago
Master Men 40-44
1. Richard Feldman Ketchum, Idaho durance-Colnago
Master Women Road Race 70+
1. Priscilla Woods Hailey, Idaho durance-Colango
Other results include:
Master Men Time Trial 70-74:
7. Tom Campion Ketchum, Idaho durance-Colnago
10. John Swyers Ketchum, Idaho durance-Colnago
Master Men Road Race 40-44:
5. Richard Feldman Ketchum, Idaho durance-Colnago
Master Men Road Race 70-74:
17. John Swyers Ketchum, Idaho durance-Colnago

20130825: John Swyers organized a ride of thanks for the efforts of all local
and national fire fighters in saving our valley from the Beaver Creek Fire:

20130726: Will flying down the descent of the 2013 Grand Targhee Hill Climb
during training:

20130623: 2013 Ronde Van Ketchum:

20130622: Idaho State Time Trial Champions:
70+ Women - 20km
1. Patty Puz: 39:36.3

Patty Puz Starting her 20km race

70+ Men - 20km
1. Tom Campion: 32:50.4
2. John Swyers: 33:16.2

55-59 Men - 30km
3. Jon Engen: 44:18.4

40-44 Men - 30km
1. Richard Feldman: 38:10.4

20130601: Ronde van Ketchum is just over three weeks away. Here is a profile
of the course. It measures out 122km, and climbs 1482m.

20130528: A nice day in Italy. After several days of rain, sleet, and snow,
The red jerseys are out in Castelfranco, Italy. Will and Richard.

20130526: Training in Italy on Mount Grappa today. Who said that this was May?

20130428: Chicken Dinner Road Race.

Nate and Richard.

20130421: 2013 Ronde van Boise in the bag.

Looking forward to putting on our own Ronde on June 23. Details and a course
profile will be up soon.

20121111: Amos Galpin tearing it up at Woodland Park in Washington State.

20120905: Puz, Feldman, and Woods National Champions.

Master Women Time Trial 70+
1. Patty Puz Ketchum, Idaho durance-Colnago
3. Priscilla Woods Hailey, Idaho durance-Colnago
Master Men 40-44
1. Richard Feldman Ketchum, Idaho durance-Colnago
Master Women Road Race 70+
1. Priscilla Woods Hailey, Idaho durance-Colnago
Other results include:
Master Men Time Trial 70-74:
5. John Swyers Ketchum, Idaho durance-Colnago
8. Tom Campion Ketchum, Idaho durance-Colnago
Master Men Road Race 40-44:
3. Richard Feldman Ketchum, Idaho durance-Colnago
Master Men Road Race 70-74:
12. John Swyers Ketchum, Idaho durance-Colnago

20120823: World Time Trial Champion!

1.Richard Feldman United States 33:26
2.Andrew Patten Australia 35:19
3.Martin Van Wyk South Africa 35:31
4.Luke Pheiffer South Africa 35:35
5.Matt Dec Australia 35:52
6.Bruce Deisel South Africa 35:53
7.Dan Netzer United States 36:47
8.Brett Berriman South Africa 37:09
9.Viktor Petrovych Ukraine 37:33
10.Danie Marais South Africa 37:54
Thanks go out to my family, Dexter and his family, and all of the durance supporters.
I want to especially thank my wife, whose unyielding support is World Class.

20120821: Time Trial training in South Africa.

Riding in South Africa means riding on the left side of the road.

20120819: Arrival in Durban, South Africa.

After travel for more than 30hrs, Dexter and I arrived in Durban, South Africa
with all of our equipment, for the World Master Time Trial Championship.
Nice that we travel so lightly.

20120811: Eight cyclists from the durance-Colnago team traveled down to
Glenns Ferry for the 2012 Idaho State Time Trial Championships. The racers
were confronted with slightly clearer skies than the Wood River Valley had
on Saturday, but much hotter temperatures.<
The course was ruled by the reigning Idaho State Time Trial Champion Richard
Feldman, who covered the 40km course in a time of 52:08.
John Swyers won the 70 plus men's category over fellow durance rider Tom
Campion. Swyers finished the 20km course in 31:54 over Campion's 32:30.
Durance-Colango racer Jay Hagenbach, 31:09, took home the bronze in the
Master Men 60-64, and outpaced fifth placed teammate Michael Wrobel,
35:56 in their 20km race.
Durance teammates Jon Engen, 28:34 for silver, and Michael Olenick,
30:05 for fifth, in the very competitive Master Men 55-59 group.

20120728: Two members of the durance-Colango cycling team traveled over to
Driggs for the annual Grand Targhee Hill Climb.

Richard Feldman won the event with a time of 37:14 for the 19km course.
John Swyers posted a 52:00 to win the 70 plus age group.
Both riders dedicated their wins to Gene Timmons, their teammate who passed
away this Spring. If it were not for Gene, neither John nor Richard would
have heard about the Targhee Hill Climb back in 2003.

20120628: Charley French on Ventoux.

Congratulations to Charley who made it up Ventoux without a stop at almost 86
years old!
Truely an inspiration.

20120622: Town To Summit Bike Race.

Nice article in the Idaho Mountain Express Article .

20120614: Idaho State Road Race.
Congratualions to our new State Champions and runners up!
Master Men 65+:
1. John Swyers
2. Tom Campion
Master Men 55+:
3. Jon Engen

20120604: Mount Ventoux. Richard riding up the final km of the Giant of Provence.

20120530: The mountains outside of Aix-en-Provence, France.
We rode by these mountains today on our training ride.
Hot day with temperatures reaching the upper 20s.

20120526: Typical day in Provence:

20120524: Clue d'Aiglun

20120523: Vence, France
Breath taking views around every corner.

20120512: Idaho TT Festival:
The Durance-Colnago cycling team traveled to Boise to race in the Idaho Time
Trial Festival sponsored by Bob’s Bicycles. Now in its fifth year, the Festival
this year consisted of three time trials in less than 18hours: a Bogus Basin Road
Prologue Hill Climb, a 20k or 41k time trial and a final non-aero sprint 8k time trial.
Durance-Colnago racers have always done well in this stage race, and this year's event
included current Master’s World and National time trial champion Richard Feldman and
five-time Master’s National time trial champion, Patty Puz.
When the racing was completed, Richard Feldman and Nate Galpin of Durance-Colnago stood
atop the podium as the Overall champions: Feldman in the Master 35, and Galpin in the
Category 4. Other successful overall performances Patty Puz (3rd/Women's Cat. 3-4)
and John Swyers (6th/Master's 55+) Puz bettered her times in all of her events
compared to last year.
On the final 8K course which featured an uphill finish, Feldman turned in a 11:23
for first place overall, and the course record. Galpin finished in a 12:12 to win
his category. Patty Puz turned a 17:18, and John Swyers turned a 14:51

20120422: Ronde von Boise
Great day in Boise for the 3rd annual Ronde von Boise. 116km / 2254m climbing.
This ride was organized by George's and kudos go out to the gang for providing
water for everyone at the half way point. It was a hot day with temperatures
rising from 18°C to 29°C.

20120414: Saint Tropez Gran Fondo
To say that the French have this Gran Fondo loosely organized is an understatement.
The staff are perfectly nice, but not concerned that there are no course markings,
that the finish is not in the town of Gassin, as the race booklet indicated, but below,
thus taking out the final tough 2km climb with 13% sections.
You can sign up for the Gran Fondo Gulfe de Saint Tropez up until the night before,
which is really nice if you just happen to be in Saint Tropez with your bike and want
to ride 180km tomorrow.
It should be interesting tomorrow. I have found little if any course markings. I
mention this because the Grand Fondo New York, in 2011, was marked two days before
the event. And the UCI World Championship, in Stavelot, BEL, both courses were marked
five days before the event. Quite a stark contrast.

20120413: Saint Tropez, France. Spent the morning checking out the course. It
was pouring rain, so we decided to take the car and drive parts of it. Unfortunately,
nothing is marked, and most of the course seems to have befallen the fate of the Rue
du Mort Luc. (Luc’s death road), which is supposedly on the course, but blocked by a
washed out section. This should be interesting. Cyclocross anyone.

20120412: Saint Tropez, France. Interesting what happens when you climb up a really
steep climb, you never know what you are going to find.

This is the Moulin de Paillas, right at the top of the Col de Paillas(248m). There
used to be two moulins, windmills, but over time, one of them has crumbled to its base.

20120112: UCI World Master Cyclocross qualifiying rounds.
Today the UCI seperated our field into two heats to determine start position for
Saturday's Championship. 1 through 4 from each heat fill out the first row, 5
through 8 fill out the second row, and this continues until all the positions
are filled. I had a good race today, placing second. The goal was to stay in
the top 4 and keep my nose clean.
Mission Accomplished.
Now it is snowing in Lousiville, and the weather forcast is for more snow tomorrow.
Looks like the rollers will come in handy.

20120111: A good day at the office.

20111230: I am very proud to be name Athlete of the Year by the
Idaho Mountain Express. It is an honor to be counted among these
exceptional athletes. Thank you.
Here is the link to the
Article .

20111211: Feldman wins overall US gran prix of cyclocross series.
Richard secured the overall title in the usgpcx series with two third
place races on Saturday and Sunday in Bend, Oregon. Saturday's race
was impressive seeing that Richard had a flat and rode half a lap with
a rear flat tire. "This isn't exactly easy on off camber turns, and slick
sections of pavement.
Yet, I got a quick bike change in the pits from Larry, and was soon back
in the race." The Lightwheel rear wheel is still true and in great shape.

20111120: Olenick and Feldman Idaho State CX Champs. Boise, Idaho.
On a cold Saturday, at Sandy Point Park just outside of Boise, Michael Olenick,
Durance-Colnago, was crowned the Idaho State Cyclocross Champion for Master
Men 55 and older. Olenick rode away from the field and showed top form
throughout the race. By capturing the State title, Olenick also wrapped
up and won the Southern Idaho Cyclocross Series, even though there was one
more race the following day. On Sunday, Olenick repeated his performance
to solidify his series position.

Richard Feldman, Durance-Colnago, also earned the Idaho State Cyclocross
Champion title in the Pro, Category 1 field. The race consisted of 9 laps.
Feldman stayed in the field, watching his competition for the first lap and
a half, and then attacked. He got a gap by the end of the second lap, and
that was all the field saw of him. He showed them a clean pair of heels for
the rest of the race, winning handily over Shawn Mitchell, George's-TRP.
Feldman also wrapped up the Southern Idaho Cyclocross Series with his win
on Saturday. On Sunday, he repeated for a clean sweep of the the series.

20111022: Kuna Cyclocross
Mike Olenick extended his lead in the Southern Idaho Cyclocross Series by winning,
outright, the second flight today.

It was neck and neck with some of the upcoming juniors, but power prevailed as
Olenick took it on the line.
Richard also extended his lead by winning the Cat. 1 field.

He had to overcome a mechanical, which set him back to the end of the field.
However, abord his Colnago equiped with Lightweight wheels, Richard worked
his way though the field to secure the win.

20111007: St. George Seinor Games Road Race
John Swyers had one of his best road races ever.

Placing second, less than a minute out, John overcame the wall and showed great
late season form. "Looking forward to trying out cyclocross this season."

20111004: Sandy Point Cyclocross #1 and #2:
Mike Olenick took a commanding lead in the six race Southern Idaho Cyclocross Series.
Mike soloed to victory on both days, dominating his competitors and showing good
early season form.

Richard also took two victories over the weekend in the Pro 1, 2 field. His Lightweight
wheelsets got a lot of attention.

20110926: Ken Stamm dominates the field to win the Everest Bike Challenge.

Billed as one of the hardest events out there, competitors climb Mosquito Pass,
Pine Creek Pass, and South lake pass, all on day one. Day two climbs up to Glacier
Lodge, followed by Waucobo Canyon, and finishes with the Ancient Bristlecone Pine
Forest pass before the descent into Owens Valley.

The racers climb the height of
Everest in two days! That's 8850m (29035ft).

20110909: World Time Trial Champion!

Results are below: 1. 154 USA19690615 FELDMAN Richard USA 42 29:12.08 42.738
2. 157 SLO19710924 ROVSCEK Borut SLO 40 29:47.03 +00:34.94 41.902
3. 138 NOR19670731 LODE Einar NOR 44 30:37.12 +01:25.03 40.759
4. 135 SLO19670428 IZTOK Kuret SLO 44 30:42.99 +01:30.90 40.630
5. 141 AUS19680127 ROBERTS Chris AUS 43 31:09.59 +01:57.50 40.052
6. 143 GER19680215 SPECHTER Achim GER 43 31:10.19 +01:58.10 40.039
7. 156 NOR19710106 ANDERSEN Rene NOR 40 31:22.67 +02:10.58 39.773
8. 136 DEN19670618 OVESEN Anders K DEN 44 31:33.67 +02:21.58 39.542
9. 152 ITA19690406 BOTTI Paolo ITA 42 32:51.21 +03:39.13 37.987
10.142 SUI19680201 JOLLER Thomas SUI 43 33:00.69 +03:48.60 37.805
Thanks go out to my family, Nate and his family, and all of the durance supporters.
I have said it before and it is worth repeating: no result happens in a vacuum. It
takes the support of family, and friends to make this result possible.

20110907: Once again, the UCI has come through with solid race direction and planning.
Yesterday, 4 days before the time trial starts, I received an email with my number and
start time. Another email contained information for the road race on Sunday. That is
six days in advance. USA Cycling could certainly learn a lot from the UCI.
I start at 12:22:00, and the temperatures are ideal at a forcasted 13-17°C.
Trained on the TT course today.

20110905: The UCI deserves a lot of credit. Here we are 4 days away from the time trial,
and 6 days away from the road race, and both courses are well marked. Chapeau.
Merckx. On our ride back to our hotel, Nate and I climbed the Côte de Stockeu and at the
top of this 11% climb is this tribute to Eddy Merckx.

20110904: Arrival in Belgium.
Nate and I arrived in Belgium for the World Championship Time Trial and Road Race.
We brought just a little gear.....

20110903: National Road Race Championship Results:
6. Hans Muehlegger Men 70-74
8. John Swyers Men 70-74

20110901: National Time Trial Championship Results:
1. Patty Puz Women 70-74
2. Richard Feldman Men 40-44
4. John Swyers Men 70-74
11. Tom Cahmpion Men 65-69
20. Amos Galpin Men 60-64
The weather in Bend was excellent for time trial racing. Cool temperatures, 12 to
18°C, and the sky was clear of any smoke.

20110830: Training on the course. Nate, Amos Galpin, and I went out on the course
today to do a final recon.
Nate snapped this photo of me.

20110829: Course profile. USA Cycling did manage to determine where the turn
arounds are for all the distances.
Here is the profile for the 25k course:

Of course, there are two glaring points still: No start line, no finish line. And
more importantly, today, part of the course was barricaded. We actually had to get
off our bikes to go under the barricade. Very Interesting.

20110828: Master National Time Trial Course.
Once again, the National Championships have failed to mark the course. Maybe you can
tell: Is the course the first profile?

Or the second profile?

Here we are in Bend, and like Kentucky last year, and Bend last year, the organizers
have failed to even put out a sprinkler flag to indicate where the turn around is.
This holds true for all distances.
A new twist this year is road construction on the backside of the lollipop. What
does this mean? It means that there is a short section of road missing, which is
filled in with dirt and gravel.
Once again, USA Cycling has shown just how incredibly inept they are at putting on
the National Championship.

20110820: Bogus Basin Hill Climb: Boise, Idaho. With a 09:30:00 [loc] start, we
were all able to complete the climb and avoid the heat that would settle into Boise
later in the afternoon.
Charley French: 1:52:28
Tom Campion: 1:34:38
John Swyers: 1:20:11
Will Northrop: 1:04:48
Richard Feldman: 0:55:59
This is another great event put on by the guys at George's in Boise. An annual
tradition that you should not miss.

20110813: Idaho State Time Trial Championship: Glenns Ferry, Idaho: This is one
of the best time trial courses that we have ever raced on. Hills, excellent pavement,
very little traffic, wind, and beautiful scenery. State Time Trial Champions for our
club included John Swyers, 70+, Tom Campion 65-69, Nate Galpin Cat. 4, and Richard
Master 40-44. I also came away with a the fastest time of the day: 53:41.
This is definitly a course worth riding, even as a training ride.

20110810: Youth Cycling in the Wood River Valley. Ketchum, Idaho: 09:00:00 [loc].
For all those aspiring young cyclists in the Wood River Valley, I am leading a group
ride today. The ride will start in the parking lot at Hemingway School. This is a
non competitive road ride for all interested youth cyclists. The ride is an effort
on my part to gauge the level of interest local cyclists have in starting a Sun Valley
Youth Cycling program for 2012. Bring your road bike.

20110806: Idaho State Road Race Championship. Emmett, Idaho: Both Nate Galpin and
Richard repeated as Idaho State Road Racing Champions. The weather proved to be more
difficult to manage than the course. With temperatures rising into the upper 30s (mid
90s for those of you still on the English scale) keeping up with fluids was critical.
Both Nate and I were totally drained after the race, and fluid replacement took over
24hrs for our bodies to get back to a normal weight range.

20110605: Riding in the fog in Liguria, Italy. Today was interesting, and challenging.
Lots of climbing. But the visability was really limited to just 3 meters.

20110603: Laigueglia signatures. Just before I ride into the Liguria hills, we stopped
at the Muretto wall in Laigueglia.

20110530: Today we road through Nice, FRA, on our way to San Remo, ITA. Great roads,
and this was one of the views we had as we left Nice.

20110529: Training in France. This is one of the great roads that we got to train on
today. Amazing. We were on one road for over an hour, and saw only two cars.

20110528: Training in France. I am in France, training with some other guys. Riding
here in southern France, near Nice has some of the best riding. Small quiet roads.

20110516: Hard to train on a day like this.

20110425: Article on Training Techniques. Today, the Times News, out of Twin Falls
printed a good article on training and racing. Here is the link to the
Article .
One of the most important messages that you can take away from this article: have a goal.

20110131: Modern Training Techniques. 18:00:00hrs on Thursday, February 10, 2011,
come to The Community Library in Ketchum, Idaho to hear Richard talk about Modern
Training Techniques.

20101204: US gran prix of cyclocross race #7 / Stanley Portland Cup. Very few places
can hold a candle to Portland and cyclocross. I had an excellent race, and won in the
mud. My favorite conditions. It was nice to win another USgp, as it has been two years
since I won my last one. This win put me in 5th place for the overall series.

20101120: Eagle Island Cyclocross race #3. Mud in Eagle! Overnight snow melted and
converted the excellent course into mud. I won the race, and the overall Eagle Island
Series. Shawn Mitchell kept me honest the whole race, chasing me and keeping me on my
toes. Excellent course, with the first ever Idaho Pinwheel! Great design.

20101023: US gran prix of cyclocross race #3. After having my seat post binder bolt
snap off, I managed to fight my way back to a second place finsih. The course in
Louisville is great. Long wide open stretches, technical sections, sand, hills, and
pavement. Well done on the part of the USgp organizers.

20101017: Mike Olenick placed second yesterday in the first cyclocross race ever to be
held in Kuna, Idaho. It was a batle royal with both Olenick and Dr. Andy Forbes trading
the lead. Each used the field that started just in front of them to their advantage.
In the end, Forbes had Olenick's number, and took the win. This however was a reversal
Also on that day, 20101009, Richard took the Pro/1/2 field race.

20101008: John Swyers places well in the 2010 Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George,
Utah. John had some great races in Utah.
Hill Climb: 4th with a time of 17:28.89
Time Trial: 9th with a time of 34:56.76
Criterium: 8th with a time of 28:42
Road Race: 5th with a time of 1:37.21

20100930: Classic Helms cartoon. Very appropriate.

20100925: US gran prix of cyclocross #1 / Planet Bike Cup #1. Madison, WI. I came in
fifth on a very fast, dry course. A technical error, which led to a mechanical error saw
me drop from the lead with Mike Wissink. Mike went on to the lead and I gradually regained
ground to finish fifth.

Here is a great photo that Mike Hone took of me during the Rad Racing GP last weekend.

20100920: Rad Racing GP. NACT#2. I came in second to Shannon Skerrit. The course was very
muddy, with two deep sand sections. Both Shannon and I were head to head for the entire race,
trading off the lead, and pushing each other in a good rivalary. In the end, with 500m to go,
I went too wide on a corner, and caught a course stake, which allowed Shannon to ride onto the win.
It was a great weekend of racing in the Northwest.

20100918: StarCrossed Cyclocross Race. In the first race of the North American Cyclocross Trophy,
the NACT, I won. I broke away with Doug Reid and we continued to distance ourselves from the field.
On the last .5 lap, Doug attacked, and I was able to bridge back up to him, and counter attack. I
came into the last corner with the lead and Doug was unable to catch me.
The weather was typical
for Seattle. Beautiful during the day, and then a light drizzle began to fall. Dugast Typhoon
tires were the choice, and they worked well on the slick grass and fast pavement section. Below
is the SPE profile for the race.

20100911: Here is the link to the
Idaho Mountain Express Article on Richard.

20100909: Durance Team Photo 2010

Rear Row: Michael Olenick, Miles Fink-Debary, George Sedlack, Jay Hagenbuc, David Puz, Tom Campion,
Will Northrop.
Front Row: Charley French, Patty Puz, Richard Feldman, Nate Galpin, John Swyers.

20100902: Bogus Basin Hill Climb Results:

Temperatures were ideal for fast times: 18°C at the start, slightly smokey near the top from the
regional forest fires.

5 MILES FINK-DEBRAY 53:59.747 + 3:350.983 M19-29
11 WILHELM NORTHROP 1:04:16.298 +10.417 M40-49
23 JON J HOLMQUIST 1:11:34.294 +16.739 M50-59
7 JOHN SWYERS 1:16:20.841 +19.235 M60 plus
16 TOM CAMPION 1:28:47.923 +35:480 M60 plus

20100825: 23:02:18 World Time Trial Champion! I won the World Master Time Trial Championship!
The finish tmes are listed below. For now, it is time to enjoy my fifth World Championship title.

Thank you to my family and all my friends, especially Larry, for their support. Winning is a team
effort and without their support, there is no way I could have done this.

1 727 USA 1969061 Feldman Richard USA 24:43.44 49 km/h
2 728 USA19690904 Lyman Christopher USA 24:56.45 +13.01 48 km/h
3 671 SUI19700227 Themann Michael SUI 25:03.33 +19.89 48 km/h
4 661 ESP19670308 Prieto Fernandez Francisco Jose ESP 25:17.18 +33.74 47 km/h
5 682 USA 1969032 Potter Grant USA 25:30.07 +46.63 47 km/h
6 638 GER19681004 Bauer Alexander GER 25:36.18 +52.74 47 km/h
7 663 GER19680221 Krist Thomas GER 25:36.29 +52.85 47 km/h
8 657 NED19690307 Tolboom Léon NED 25:39.76 +56.32 47 km/h
9 698 ESP19670308 Gancedo Gonzalez Jose Manuel ESP 25:47.01 +1:03.57 47 km/h
10 660 ESP19691012 Garcia Adolfo ESP 25:47.87 +1:04.43 47 km/h

20100825: 11:05:17 [loc] My start time for the World Time Trial Championship is 15:34:30 [loc].
I am sitting here in St. Johann, at 947m,47 30.287, 12 25.229. 8639.6 k from home. The weather is
ideal for a fast time for me, 16-19°C, with light winds. Yesterday we did a test on the course, and
the times were very good.

The hardest part of the season has to be the next couple of hours: waiting for the start. Once we
get to the start, and begin our warm up routine, I know that the time will collapse.
After riding yesterday, my bike needed a little attention, so I found a great place:

20100825: 10:42:45 [loc] Five State Champions crowned this past weekend in Mountain Home, ID.

The Durance-Colnago squad showed up in force and took five state championships and an
additional two podium spots.
The report from the field, via Patty Puz, reigning National Time Trial Champion is as follows:
"We warmed up, enjoyed the camaraderie and rode circles until they got our start times posted.
They had a great place to circle, well protected, lots of police, town volunteers, well posted
course, closed to most traffic as far as I could figure, marked cars or volunteer cars sat at
all side streets (no wrong turns), well marked turn around, when I rode the course the day before
they had marked it, soooo much good.
Durance had another great showing. Tom, John Swyers, John Engen, Jon Holmquist., Nat, Amos,
Charley, Jay Hagenbuch, and me. Eight of us in Durance jerseys. I don't think there was any
other club with that kind of exposure. We were there because you(Richard) are where you are,
sitting in Austria. Thanks for the guidance and the commitment."
State Champions:

Master Women 70-74 10k
1. Patty Puz 0:19:23

Cat 4 Men 40k
1. Nate Galpin 0:55:27

Master Men 65-69 20k
1. Tom Campion 0:30:57

Master Men 70-74 20k
1. John Swyers 0:33:02

Master Men 75-79 20k
1. Charley French 0:37:32

Other Durance - Colnago racers included:
Master Men 50-54 40k
2. Jon Engen 0:57:19
6 Amos Galpin 1:06:01

Master Men 55-59 20k
3. Jay Hagenbuch 0:30:09
4. Jon Holmquist 0:32:24

20100806: This is now the home of Durance Racing. Orignally the site was located at
www.duranceracing.blogspot.com. I wanted to move the site to within the durance website.

Patty and I got quite a bit of press when we got home. Here is the link to the Mountain Express Article

New national time trial king Richard Feldman, after his Town to Summit Bicycle Hill Climb victory June 20 in Ketchum

Photo by Willy Cook

Feldman keeps flying high with national TT title
Busy training period is rewarded near Louisville
Ketchum's Richard Feldman is having quite a year of competition in his individual sports,
which have stretched in 2010 to include distance running as well as bicycle racing.
First and foremost, the 41-year-old Feldman is one of the top Masters bike racers in the
U.S. He competes under the sponsorship of his own bike shop in Ketchum, Durance Cycleworks,
as well as Colnago.
He proved it again Tuesday, Aug. 3 near Louisville, Ky. by winning the Men's 40-44 individual
time trial at the 2010 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships.
Feldman placed second in Men's 40-44 in this same USA Cycling time trial last July 1 on the
Taylorsville, Ky. course.
This year, he clocked 29:49.25 on the 25.8-kilometer (16-mile) course and won the 22-racer
class by six seconds over Christopher Lyman of Napa, Ca., timed in 29:55. Lyman had beaten
Feldman by less than a second in last year's race.
It was Feldman's third national time trial victory in five years along with his 2008 and 2006
titles while competing in the Men's 35-39 class.


A picture is worth a 1,000 words: Richard won the Master National Championship Time Trial.

Patty Puz also won her National Championship, a repeat from last year. The course turned out to be 22.8k. Interesting that all the literature stated that it was in the
25k range. And the course was marked, but they did it this morning..........

20100801: 20:05:00 [loc] This is the course if it is 22.4k long. The mark in the middle
is the turn around.



This is the course if it is 25.5k long. The mark in the middle is the turn around.



So, which is it?

20100801: 13:00:00 [loc]
Louisville, KY: Once again I am back in the bluegrass state for
the National Time Trial Championship. The temperatures are hot, upper 20s to mid 30s. Humid as well.
Nevertheless, it is hot and humid for everyone, so no complaints.
Currently I am slated to go off on Tuesday, Aug. 2, at 10:40:30. We will see if the Kentucky State
Police manage to postpone the start like they did last year by over two hours. Planning is everything.
Speaking of which, why is it that less than 48hrs before the start of the National Championship, the
course is not marked out? The technical guide has a rough estimate on a very undetailed map. Last year
they claimed that the course was 25+k, and it turned out to be 22.4k. So, why is it so hard to at least
put a sprinkler flag on the side of the road to indicate where the start, turn around, and finish are
all located? Painting a mark on the side of the road is obviously too high minded for USA Cycling.
Needless to say, they will not be high on my Christmas list.
Now, just to be fair to the Kentucky organizing committee, this is nothing new to National Championships.
In Bend, in June, there were no course markings. Heck, at the National Cyclocross Championship in Bend
last December, they decided to change the course the morning of the event.
All I can say is that when I put on races in the past, the start, turn around, and finish were all clearly
marked. If you go down to Highway 20, south of Bellevue, the marks are still there, and the last time I put
on a race was in 2008.........

20100726: 22:56:00 [loc]
Jackson Hole, WY: Teton Pass Hill Climbs: Today featured two races, one
on the road, and one on the dirt. The first race started at 8:30 and climbed up Teton Pass Road. I won the
race in 30:02, beating second place by 1min 29seconds. The climb is 9.097k long, with a vertical gain
of 653m. This gave me a VAM of 1306.
John Swyers also raced, coming in with a time of 52:00.
The second race started at 10:30 and went up the Old Pass Road, over the top, past the radio towers
to the top of Mt. Elly. I won the race, but this time with a small margin of 4seconds, finishing in
44:41. Local knowledge was the biggest factor in the race, as I was well clear of the field by over
a minute for the majority of the race. This climb is 10.360k long, with a vertical fain of 808m. This
gave me a VAM of 1191. Clearly I was getting tired.
This was a great weekend of racing. Three races in 25hrs. I would recommend a mountain bike for the
dirt hill climb. Even though most of the course is on an old paved road, the single track sections
require the smaller gearing on mountain bikes.

20100724: 15:38:00 [loc]
Driggs, ID: Targhee Hill Climb. Despite new chip seal on the first 600m of the course, durance posted
good results for the Hill Climb. I came in exactly the same time as last year: 36:09. Other durance riders included Jon Holmquist, in 13th place, with a time of 47:01 and John Swyers, in
26th place, with a time of 54:35. The Targhee Hill Climb is very low key, with around 50 riders each year. The course has excellent
pavement, except as noted above, and the scenery is fantastic.

20100625: 18:08:00 [loc]
Elite National Time Trial Championship: Richard Feldman: 5th place 45:39.02 (0:00:53.8 behind.) This was an excellent result for me. I have
never cracked the top 10, even when I was racing full time. I am excited for the rest of the season.

20100622: 22:32:00 [loc]
Here are the Results from the Town to Summit Hill Climb, sponsored by the Elephant's Perch and durance:
1—Richard Feldman, 41 (1) 45:31
2—Miles Fink-Debray, 22 (2) 45:39
4—Nate Galpin, 33 (4) 48:18
8—Jon Engen, 53 (8) 50:35
24—Michael Olenick, 53 (23) 55:17
40—Tom Campion, 68 (33) 1.07:10
49—Patty Puz, 21 (8) 1.33:58
DNF-John Swyers
Unfortunately John Swyers had a flat tire about 1k on the dirt.
Training today consisted of previewing the time trial course. The weather in Bend sure is nicer than it
has been in Ketchum. It was around 25°C today, which felt hot after all the cold weather this spring.

20100622: 07:43:00 [loc]
Sunday, June 20th, was a great day for durance. The weather was cool, but actually ideal for a hill
climb. We had 8 racers compete in the 2nd Town to Summit Hill Climb. This race went from the front of
the Elephant's Perch to the top of Trail Creek Summit. Patty Puz, Tom Campion, John Swyers, Miles
Fink-Debray, Nate Galpin, Richard, Mike Olenick, and Jon Engen all competed. Results will be posted,
as soon as I have them. Richard, Miles, and Nate dominated the early part of the race, with Richard
eventually just topping Miles for the win, and Nate coming in fourth place. Today, Tuesday, I am on
my way to Bend, Oregon, for the Elite National Time Trial Championship. Weather is perfect for the drive.

20100619: 17:20:00 [loc]
Welcome to Durance Racing. This blog is intended to keep fans of durance up to date on what is happening
when Richard and the rest of the durance team leaves town to race. Keep checking in for new posts.