Saddle Sores:

This is a subject that very few like to talk about in public, but we get a lot of questions about saddle sores and how to deal with and prevent them.

To prevent them, first start with a good pair of clean shorts. Then, pre-lube the crotch area with Assos chamois cream. Do not wear underwear as it will bunch and add to the likelihood of saddle sores.

After the ride, get out of your shorts quickly and take a shower or wipe down with alcohol. Don't forget to wash your shorts.

If you get ingrown hairs, or a saddle sore, check that you have been following the advice above. Then take a day or two off the to let the area heal. If healing does not occur promptly, you might need to see a doctor to have the area treated.

Winter Hydration:

We have struggled over the years to keep water bottles relatively warm on those early season (COLD) LSD rides. We have tried everything: heating the bottles beforehand, putting sleeves around them, carrying them in our back pockets, insulated bottles. Nothing has really worked when the temperatures are around 32?F/0?C.

The solution: Leave your waterbottles for the warmer months. Brew up some tea, and pour it into a small thermos. Leave the cup at home. When you need a drink, just take off the top and grap a sip. But be careful, with numb lips, there is a good chance that the hot tea may be too hot!

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